Cerebral Palsy Cord Blood Collection Program

Cell Care cord blood bank is offering families free cord blood collection and storage for children with siblings with cerebral palsy.

Cell Care

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Who is eligible?

The cerebral palsy cord blood collection is open to a limited number of participants.

Families wishing to participate are required to meet certain eligibility criteria.

You must be expecting a child and have a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The child diagnosed with cerebral palsy must:

  • Be under 12 years of age
  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of cerebral palsy
  • Have the same biological parents as the expected child
  • Other criteria apply

What is the Cerebral Palsy Cord Blood Collection Program?

Cell Care is Australia’s largest cord blood and tissue bank. They are offering free cord blood collection and storage for newborn babies who have siblings diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

What is the purpose of the program?

Cell Care aim to have as many families of children with cerebral palsy as possible to have access to potential local and international cord blood trials.

Why Store Your Child’s Cord Blood?

International published trials have investigated the treatment of more than 200 children with cerebral palsy with their own and non-self cord blood.

These studies have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of treatment in this set6ting.

Further studies are underway around the world.

This free cord blood collection and storage program ensures the cord blood cells are collected in a fully audited and government-approved manner so that they will be available for use I future clinical trials in Australia, which is very exciting.

Professor Iona Novak, Head of Research, Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Cord Blood Research in Cerebral Palsy

Multiple studies have been published assessing the use of cord blood in cerebral palsy.

A recent landmark clinical trial1 demonstrated:

  • Improvements in cognitive (mental) function
  • Improvements in motor (movement) function

To arrange your cerebral palsy cord blood collection* call 1800 071 075

1. Min K, Song J et al. Stem Cells. 2013 Mar;31(3):581-91
*eligibility criteria apply

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