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Cerebral Palsy Alliance has recently updated its website’s About Cerebral Palsy – therapies and interventions section with the addition of four new topic areas and improved search and page functions; allowing readers to quickly find and review topics that match their unique criteria.

Created by our research team, About Cerebral Palsy is an information resource to help people with cerebral palsy and their families make decisions about suitable interventions.

About Cerebral Palsy – therapies and interventions summarises the effectiveness, costs, time and required resources for 24 different therapies and interventions that can help reduce the impact of cerebral palsy for people with cerebral palsy and their families.

Topics covered include: interventions for arm and hand function; communication; daily living skills; early childhood intervention; eating, drinking and nutrition; environmental control; equipment and assistive technology; managing behaviour; movement, mobility and walking; pain; physical activity; sleep; social recreation and leisure participation; spasticity and dykinesia management; splints and orthoses; well-being of families and well-being of people with cerebral palsy.

New interventions and therapies will be frequently added throughout the year, and existing topics will be regularly revised (see table below for the latest additions/revisions) to reflect current research findings.

Each topic is written by expert clinicians and researchers, and is reviewed through a peer review process and then by our consumer review panel prior to publication.

About Cerebral Palsy – therapies and interventions is also accredited by Healthdirect Australia which has listed it on their website as a trusted source of information on interventions and therapies for people with cerebral palsy.

New topics:

  • Constraint induced movement therapy for the leg
  • Hydrotherapy for adolescents and adults
  • Speech therapy for dysarthria
  • Strength training for the arm

Updated existing topics​:

  • Eye-gaze control technology
  • Counselling at the time of diagnosis
  • Bimanual upper limb therapy
  • Powered mobility for young children

Click here to view About Cerebral Palsy – therapies and interventions.