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Making the most of Early Childhood Intervention

Our play-based Early Learning Groups are designed to support early skill development in children aged 2-5 years, living with a range of physical, behavioural, intellectual and sensory disabilities.

Facilitated by an early intervention teacher and allied health assistant with input from an occupational therapist, speech pathologist and physiotherapist, our groups aim to maximise development in five key areas:

  • 1 – Understanding and communicating messages
  • 2 – Thinking, learning and solving problems
  • 3 – Self-help skills e.g. eating and dressing
  • 4 – Social and emotional development
  • 5 – Movement and mobility

Groups run over four terms. Choose to enrol in one or more terms depending your child’s needs.

Early Learning Groups package inclusions:

  • Personalised assessment of your child’s abilities and goals
  • Two hour small-group session once a week, during school term time
  • Parent coaching and easy to follow information sheets to help you practice skills at home
  • Ongoing monitoring of your child’s achievements
  • Assessment at the end of each term to review progress and ongoing skill development needs

You can enrol anytime of the year. Groups run from week 2 to week 9 of the ACT school term. NSW residents are welcome to access our services.

Parents are encouraged to attend. NDIS pricing applies.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is an NDIS registered provider.

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