Diversity X: disrupting the recruitment space for people living with a disability

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Diversity X founder Sean Hall
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To participate fully in society, it’s vital for people living with disability to not just have employment but to feel like they’re achieving something that’s meaningful and aligned to their skills.

Committed to ensuring that happens is Sean Hall, the entrepreneur behind Diversity X.

“There are over 1 million people with disability who could be working but aren’t. There’s got to be a way to solve that, and I believe technology is one of the answers,” Sean said.

Disrupting the recruitment space

Diversity X is a coaching platform that celebrates a person’s unique strengths. The platform helps people living with disability discover and market their ‘X-factor’, and connect with inclusive employers. It provides a digital coaching experience that has a gamified lesson plan of interactive exercises which are simply designed, with short and engaging content.

Although still in its infancy, Sean’s project is poised to disrupt the disability recruitment space.

“We’re breaking down the social and process barriers in recruitment, and in doing that addressing the assumption that exist on two sides,” Sean said.

Coaching the talent

“On the talent side, I’ve had people say that they think they’re worthless. Negative talk needs to be overcome first.”

“We use positive psychology and coaching to help individuals identify their value and communicate that. Then we turn that into an engaging profile with the additional use of video footage that our candidates can be proud of, showcasing who they are and what they can achieve.”

Mentoring employers

“When it comes to employers, their bias is often based on the picture they have formed of disability. Unless you’ve had the experience of working with someone that has a ‘different way of being’, you just don’t know. I want to educate employers with the reality, and dispel any misinformed perceptions” he said.

Finding your X-factor

Everyone deserves to find their X-factor, but for many with a disability negative self-talk holds them back.

“Our program help our clients work out what they need and how they can be ‘at their best’. We want to celebrate and recognise strengths. Every single one of our interactive exercises is based on positive psychology, and at the end of each session, our clients will feel more valuable and confident.” Sean said.

Having personally benefitted from coaching during his 20 years of experience in marketing and HR, Sean is very passionate about helping people with disability find what is unique about them and discover how that is valuable to an employer.

Providing choice and confidence

“The disability employment market has so much potential, however none of the current players are offering a scalable technology solution or addressing a core problem with a coaching solution,”

“With Diversity X we’re giving people choice and confidence – we’re not just saying “here’s a job, be thankful for it” – we’re giving them really useful information that will improve their inclusivity, career prospect and long-term job satisfaction.” Sean said.