Thank you for giving Christopher the best birthday present ever

You did it! We recently asked  you to help Christopher and his mum, Pam. Christopher wasn’t expected to survive birth. He surprised everyone with his amazing progress but he needed a standing frame to support his growing body and keeping him safe and secure while exploring the world around him. Because of your support, I’m delighted to let you know that Christopher has now received his standing frame. His mum, Pam, was happy to share the news with us and we couldn’t be more delighted.

Christopher's family
The standing frame that Christopher has allows him to be in a different position where he can do different activities and have some fun in. He LOVES standing up and just having a new perspective on the world. It’s on wheels, so it means I can put him in the kitchen with me when I’m cooking dinner or move him into the lounge room where we’re hanging out as a family, it is so versatile. We can move him around easier.
Pam, Christopher’s Mum

To our kind readers, dedicated donors, family and friends; my name is Mel, I am Christopher's physiotherapist.

Christopher received his standing frame back in March. I visited him, Pam, Tom and baby Charlotte to set it up and get him settled. Christopher is no stranger to this type of stander. He had trialled one back in 2016, but the process involved in applying for funding of a new piece of equipment, is a long drawn out process. Christopher's first stand with his family surrounding him was a very proud moment for me as his physiotherapist. His facial expression paused while the stander was moved into the upright position, he reached standing and when we all cheered for him, he let out his big glorious smile and waved his arms in excitement.

Christopher continues to use his stander each day, he started his standing time in small dosages to allow his muscles to adjust the new position. He now stands for an hour sometimes twice a day. In the stander he spends time focusing on his arm movements and his hand grip strength. He has fun with toys on the specialised sunken tray table, that allows him to find his toys if he has let them go. The standing frame offers Chris more than another place to play, it helps aid his breathing, allowing him to have complete up right posture for deeper breaths. It helps his muscles to stay long and healthy, sometimes children with cerebral palsy can get tight muscles and this can cause complications in their posture. The upright position is good for bone density and promoting skeletal alignment with growth.

The stander provides Christopher with a safe and comfortable position that allows him to see and participate in his environment with a new perspective. Pam and Tom love having Christopher at their height when they sit on the couch and he stands in his stander, this helps them to connect and bond with Chris at an eye to eye level, and can I add he loves seeing and hearing them so close to him.

Christopher will continue to use this stander for several years until he grows too tall for it. His therapies, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy will continue to help him further develop his skills and help him maximise his function. When Christopher becomes too big for this stander he will start the process of trialling new and bigger standers so that he may continue to stand for health benefits and socialisation with peers as he commences school.

On behalf of Christopher and his family, as his physiotherapist, may I say a very big thank you.


Here at CPA we couldn’t be more excited about this news. Seeing his beautiful infectious smile and watching the video of him made our day! We hope you like it too.

This wouldn’t be possible without your generous donation, so thank you very much.

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