A big thank you from Charlotte

Seven-year-old Charlotte was in desperate need of a wheelchair to ease her pain and discomfort. Because of your amazing support, Charlotte’s wheelchair has been delivered and she is already making the most of her new found freedom. It’s amazing to see the progress Charlotte has already made as she masters her new wheelchair. Achievements like this simply wouldn’t be possible without generous people like you. Thank you for your kind support.

She LOVES her wheelchair so much and feels very clever using it. We had a training day at Cerebral Palsy Alliance when we picked it up and she worked it out very quickly. She couldn’t wait to take it to school. They just had a block of swimming at school. It’s 1km to the leisure centre, so the wheelchair came just in time. She wheeled there everyday with her class!
Bonnie, Charlotte’s Mum
Charlotte, the day she received her wheelchair…and it’s her favourite colour