Cerebral Palsy Alliance is the Friendliest Place you Could Ever Wander Into…

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Exercise Physiologist Rob Wells on set during filming of our TV commericial
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As one of the stars of our TV commericial and an Exercise Physiologist at Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Rob Wells reveals that even if Hollywood came knocking on his door tomorrow, he would never trade his job of supporting clients maintain and improve their health and fitness to reach their goals.

I started my studies in sport science due to my interest in how the human body worked. My interest in the human body lay in the fact that

the body is such a complex machine that has so many components working together to complete a single task that we take for granted and I wanted to know how all these components worked all the time… 

My degree was full of theoretical and also a lot of practical experience within the different allied health areas.

Growing up, I had hopes to be a musician (a slightly different path to being an exercise physiologist). I grew up in a very musical family and I was emerged in music a lot of the time, whether playing, listening to music or discussing music and it’s always been a passion of mine. I have many friends who continued on this path who now encompass music into their career. I however, moved in a completely different direction…

 I wouldn’t change that direction for anything though. The favourite aspects of my job include educating people around their health and physical functioning and being able to see individuals achieve their goals through lifestyle modifications and physical activity and accomplishing things that they sometimes don’t even realise that they can do.   

Working within disability is very rewarding. I had never given much thought to working in this area, but after my first experience through university, I loved the experience and felt that this was something that I wanted to continue with. This experience led me to volunteer at Cerebral Palsy Alliance to continue with the development of my skills and knowledge in the area to support people with a disability. I later jumped at the opportunity to work within the organisation. I’ve been here around 3 years now and wouldn’t change a thing!

‘Cerebral Palsy Alliance is the friendliest place you could ever wander into, it is full of positive beaming people with a good sense of humour and a love for life. This makes it a fantastic place to work and if you’re a client, I imagine it being great place to come along to.’ 

I was more than happy to be involved in the advert to help spread the word about services for people with a disability. I have joked about becoming an actor after being part of it; however, even if I had the skills to become an actor, I would never trade roles for  where I currently work.’