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Thanks to everyone who gave generously during our March fundraising appeal because the wait is over! Kareena’s wheelchair was finally delivered, and in her favourite colour, bright pink!

The Federal Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, announced $2 million in funding for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF).

Ever since she was old enough to understand adult topics, Martina Wonderley has negotiated the health and social welfare systems on behalf of her older brothers who live with significant disabilities.

Do you yearn for friends who really ‘get’ what it’s like to live with a disability? Would you like to share your knowledge and experience and learn from others?

From a fitness warrior program to dance classes, from overnight camps to fun sports days,  Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) has great sessions to ensure your youngster enjoys the July school holidays. Here’s a brief overview:

Advances in mobility, communication and thought-to-speech technologies are progressing at such a speed that two Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) research staff are convinced major breakthroughs are not far away.

If you have a child with a disability there may come a day when they ask difficult questions. Susan Williams found a great resource to help her explain her son’s disability to him. Here is Susan's story.

Everyone who plays sport needs to understand “safe body mechanics” but it is even more important for youngsters who have a disability.

If you were involved with The Spastic Centre between 1963 and 1977, you may have met Hazel Aganoor. Hazel will turn 90 on 8 December 2018 and she recently visited the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) Allambie Heights campus.