Being In A Wheelchair Doesn’t Stop You

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Izzy Rose from Broadmeadow with a collection of her mosaic ots that she creates with the help of Cerebral Palsy Alliance staff
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A head full of creativity, lots of artistic talent and a little help from Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Stuart Centre’s team and her family is helping 26 year-old Isabelle Rose bring her mosaics business to life.

Born with cerebral palsy which affects her mobility, Izzy found her love for art and mosaics during high school when she was studying Visual Arts via Distance Education and topped the state.

With the help of her support staff at Cerebral Palsy Alliance and her family, Izzy is  independently working from her studio to design and create new pots which are sold through Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Hunter sites and at local markets.

Izzy is always on the lookout for mosaic inspiration, looking at design books and taking photos on her phone.

‘I draw designs with a support person and then look at each one and we decide on which ones work best with the pots we have and the colours of tiles. Sometimes we even draw onto the pots to get an idea of how the designs work.’

When Izzy first began pursuing her hobby, she had limited resources. She used to use a hammer to break cracked tiles and plates, but these days she has a range of professional tools including tile cutters, nippers, files, gloves and new tiles.

Any profits Izzy makes from selling her pots goes back into purchasing the materials she needs to keep making more.

 ‘I’d love to be able to produce pots quickly, so I can have a level of stock that enables me to consistently go to markets, fetes and other festival stalls often. I’m passionate about my mosaics and getting them out in the community.’

The support I receive from Cerebral Palsy Alliance and my family help me show people what I can do and that being in a wheelchair doesn’t have to stop you from going after what you want in life!’