Col Joye launches inspiring love story

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Col Joye launches inspiring love story
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When Bev and Bart met as teenagers, their attraction was instant. But Sydney in the 1950’s and 60’s was a vastly different world for people known then as ‘spastics’.

Bev and Bart’s blossoming relationship endured years of prejudice, tragedy and seemingly insurmountable stumbling blocks. The spark between them burned for many years, flickered at times, but was never extinguished.

When they finally married, some 20 years after they first fell in love, they proved that love can conquer all.

Their heart-warming love story has now been published in a new book – Bev & Bart – launched in Sydney by Bart, who is now 73 years old, and Australian music legend Col Joye.

‘I just wanted the world to know about Bev and me, our relationship, and what we went through to be together’, Bart said. ‘Our love was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love, and I hope our commitment to overcoming prejudices and finally being able to marry has helped others who may have followed in our footsteps.

‘I am so grateful to Col Joye for joining us as Bev and I were both massive fans since he was guest of honour at a Christmas Party at the then Spastic Centre back in the 1950s’, Bart said.

Bev passed away in 1998 while being treated for breast cancer. Bart still lives in the same room the couple shared at Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Venee Burgess Hostel at Allambie Heights.

‘Quite simply, Bev & Bart is a great read’, said Marelle Thornton AM, President of Cerebral Palsy Alliance. ‘As well as openly and honestly discussing the prejudices they both faced because of their disability, it also provides a great recount of our organisation’s long and proud history.

‘Bart has quite literally grown up with our organisation and remains one of our most-loved residents. He is our own living treasure’, she said.

Email Jennifer Durante for information on how to purchase a copy of Bev & Bart