All Things iPad … How To Set Up Your iPad for Wi-Fi and Internet

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Cynthia Tay, Hayley Gozzard and Alice Loughnan have developed an instruction manual to help individuals and families set up their iPad quickly and easily.

Some people with disabilities use an iPad as a communication device, a learning tool, play games, access the Internet and send emails.

This slick, compact and portable device is often heralded by many as an affordable answer to helping children with communication and speech problems. And with start up costs of around $500 plus a plethora of ‘apps’ available for people with special needs (particularly those for speech generation) it’s no wonder the Apple iPad is quickly capturing the attention of parents and carers world-wide.

How To Set Up Your iPad for Wi-Fi and Internet

Initial Set-up

a) Connecting to Wi-Fi

To turn Wi-Fi on, go to the settings menu, and select Wi-Fi. Swipe the button that appears so that it is green- that means that Wi-Fi is on. A list of available networks will appear. Some networks are free to connect to, and do not require a password, others are secured with a password.

Another way to turn on/off Wi-Fi is to swipe up on the main screen from the bottom of the screen.

Select the Wi-Fi symbol to turn Wi-Fi on/off.

For more detailed instructions on how to connect to WiFi:

A note about internet access:

Internet access is required to set up your device and to download apps. It is also required to update your device and apps. You will need Wi-Fi or cellular data on your device (for Wi-Fi + Cellular model only) to be able to access the internet directly from your device.

If you have access to the internet on your computer, but do not have Wi-Fi, you can use your computer’s internet to set up the device and download apps.

Consider the costs associated with getting internet access for your device.

Note: Some downloads and updates may not be able to be completed over a cellular data network. Large downloads and updates (over 100GB, depending on your carrier) require Wi-Fi or connection to a computer that has internet access to be completed. You also can’t download movies or TV shows using cellular data. (

b) Set up apple ID

You will need an email address to set up your ID. Make sure that you choose a password that you will remember but is not easily guessed, especially if you take the option to link your credit card to your apple ID (for purchase of apps).

When you first turn on your iPad, it will prompt you to sign in to your Apple ID or create one. You can also create on a computer using these instructions:

c) Set up cloud

When you first turn on your iPad, it will ask if you would like to use iCloud. This is a remote data storage service that can automatically back up notes, images and information from your iPad. If you should you accidently delete your iPad, or need to wipe it, your data is safe.

You receive 5 GB of free storage on iCloud. Extra storage space can be purchased, for more information about setting up iloud, go to