Adam’s Story

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Adam's Story
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For footy fanatic Adam, nothing is more enjoyable than a lively conversation about his beloved Newcastle Knights rugby league team.

And thanks to improved technology and support from his therapy team, communication is becoming easier and faster for the high school student.

However, mum Cindy doesn’t mind what he talks about as long as Adam feels included no matter where he is. ‘Our family is always looking to find ways to include Adam in day to day activities at home, or school and in his community.’

‘At every life stage Adam’s therapy team has given him the best support possible. They have been with us through all the highs and lows.

They provided adapted toys when he was a toddler, helped him use equipment so he could walk and play with his friends, supported him to attend mainstream high school, helped get his strength back after surgery, and now we’re working with them on what to do after school. ’

Among Adam’s goals for the next year is to access the internet more independently. His occupational and speech therapist will now help the family trial different software programs and accessibility options that will allow Adam to communicate the way he wants to.

‘Adam’s very social, so it’s important he feels connected and can confidently use the technology all his friends are using to stay in touch with each other.’

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