Accommodation and Respite Service provider announced

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance chairman Paul Masi, the honourable Ray Williams, MP Minister for Multiculturalism, and Minister for Disability Services, with Cerebral Palsy Alliance CEO Rob White, at a desk signing paperwork.
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Cerebral Palsy Alliance is pleased to announce they have been selected by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services as the service provider for Accommodation and Respite Services in the North Sydney and Northern Beaches regions.

CEO Rob White and the wider Cerebral Palsy Alliance community welcome the transferring residents and employees.

We understand this is a significant change for the residents and employees at the homes as well as for our organisation as a whole. Cerebral Palsy Alliance has a strong history of supporting people with a disability in accommodation services. We have been preparing for this transfer with a focus on continuity of high quality care and consistency for the residents.

Our current homes will continue business as usual with minimal disruption, run by the same house managers, with staff continuing to provide ongoing support and the residents and their families to expect the same level of services, support and care.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance recognises that the transferring staff bring with them a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience. We look forward to leveraging the skills of our current and new staff to continue to provide high quality services and supports. The transfer will take around six months, with the aim of meeting the 8 March 2018 handover date.

We see this transfer as a wonderful opportunity to expand our Cerebral Palsy Alliance community to provide high quality accommodation, services and supports to people living with a range of disabilities.

I would like to personally take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all transferring residents and staff to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance family. 



You can also read the Department of Family and Community Services media release