A ‘Wheelie’ Great Christmas for Mason

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A 'Wheelie' Great Christmas for Mason
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Cerebral Palsy Alliance Leeton Country Council have been fundraising for over 44 years to assist children and adults living with cerebral palsy. Incredibly, through raffles, street stalls and various fundraising activities, almost $1 million has been raised in this time. May Cameron, President of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Leeton Country Council, has seen the difference in the level of services over this time.
“When we first started fundraising, mothers used to have to travel to Sydney for weeks at a time to get the help they needed, often having to leave their other children at home,” said Mrs Cameron. “Today, it is so wonderful to see the therapists and services coming to assist people in our local community.”
One thankful mother is Kristie Craker, mother to cheeky three year old Mason, whose cerebral palsy affects all of his limbs and his ability to communicate. For the past 12 months, Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Wagga Wagga physiotherapist, Amy Green, has been working with Mason to improve his crawling, sitting balance and leg strength.
“The difference that Cerebral Palsy Alliance has made to Mason’s quality of life and confidence is incredible,” said Kristie. “The therapists come to visit once or twice a month and are just fantastic with Mason. They give really practical advice, set monthly goals and video record the sessions so that we can play it back.”
“The improvement over the last six months has been very noticeable – Mason can now crawl, which is making it easier for him to use his toys and play with his cousins. He is also walking with his frame and starting to communicate a lot more. I can’t explain how much it means to us.” Money that has been raised by the ladies of the Leeton Country Council, donated by the local community, helps to provide much needed equipment and services for children and adults like Mason. Mason recently attended a Freedom Wheels Bike Clinic at Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Wagga Wagga site to be assessed so that a bike could be customised to suit his physical needs. With modifications worth over $1,130, the bike will be delivered next week, just in time for Christmas. The modifications include: larger-sized training wheels, a larger seat for stability, foot cuffs to keep his feet on the pedals, adjustable custom handle-bars which allow him to sit upright (because he can’t control his trunk by leaning forwards), tow handle-bar for mum to use, as well as high-rise and hip and thoracic support. “On the day he tried the bike, he was fast asleep when he arrived for his appointment and a bit ‘grumpy’, but as soon as he was on the bike and the wheels started spinning, he had a huge smile. He was so happy!” said Kristie. “We live in a cul de sac and Mason is always looking outside at the other kids playing in the street. With his new bike he will finally be able to join in,” said Kristie. “We can’t thank the ladies of Leeton Country Council, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Wagga Wagga and the whole community for making this all possible. It will make such a difference to our little Mason – we couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present!” May Cameron would also like to thank the town for their ongoing generosity to support children like Mason in the community. “We are always blown away by everyone’s generosity – they just keep giving. It is wonderful to be able to show the difference that it makes in our local community,” finished Mrs Cameron. Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Wagga Wagga therapy team provides support for children with a range of disabilities, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and early intervention. To find out more about all the services offered at Cerebral Palsy Alliance, phone 1300 888 378.