School Leaver Employment Supports - Services

Make the most of your School Leaver Employment Supports. There’s an exciting range of choices to help you discover what you want from life, be the person you want to be, and contribute your value to the world.
Career Labs is an exciting networking and development opportunity to support your employability after leaving school.
Have you thought about further study? Why not do it with people who understand disability and can provide the extra support you need.
Realise your potential to bring positive change to the community. Change Labs offers facilitated small group sessions that work towards social change, volunteering and community building.
Enjoy a day or more each week with friends at one of our Community Access Centres, or try a new experiences with a small group or one-to-one support.
Understand and practice what you need to do to research the job market, organise work experience opportunities and prepare for the workforce.
Life Labs is a group program that helps teenagers and young adults to build their skills and confidence for independence.
Make a life of your own choosing. Learn, develop and practice the skills to become more independent at home and in the community.
Learn how to make and keep friends, and develop relationships, with PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills).
An amazing race inspired day where you can practice the skills for complete independence in the community. 
Want to enter the world of work? This unique program will match you to an older mentor, to help you understand what it takes to be successful in the workplace.
Have good times with new friends, while you learn and practice the skills to enjoy and feel confident in social situations.
Master the skills to make new friends, build relationships and feel confident in every social situation - at your home, out and about, or workplace.
Try a new hobby and make new friends with a choice of programs such as arts, dance, film-making, music, personal styling, social media or gaming.
What will life be like when you move out of home? The Survivor camp will give you a taste of independence living in a shared house with a group of other 18-25 year olds.
Whether you use technology for communication, social media, gaming or even want to master the art of coding, there is a program for you to learn and practice your technology skills.
An opportunity for young people to get wild in the wild! You'll work in a team to take safe risks and problem solve challenges in the great outdoors. 
Do you have a road map for your future? Our youth coaches and youth support workers will support you to identify your needs, set goals and plan the way ahead.