2017 Supporter Survey

In January 2017 we sent you our Supporter Survey to find out a little more about what motivates kind supporters like you to give to Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Thank you very much for taking the time and responding to us. Here are some of the things you told us:

1 – What matters most to you?

It’s clear that both the services we provide and the research we undertake is important to you. We will continue to bring you information on how you can help with both of these critical areas.

2 – Are you or is someone close to you living with cerebral palsy?

Almost 20% of our supporters that responded have a direct link to cerebral palsy. However, for the majority of you, your support comes from a kind-hearted need to help others.

3 – Why did you begin supporting us? (multiple answers)

The reasons that you choose to support us are wide-ranging. For those without direct experience of cerebral palsy, your support comes from a need to help others. Some feedback we received included:

“I like to contribute to a cause.” or “To help fund research into cause and cure.“

Some of you follow your parents’ footsteps:  “My mother was a supporter.”

We are also very grateful to have many loyal, long-term supporters: “I started 40 years ago when a lady from the centre approached me to donate.”

4 – Do you donate to us in memory of someone close to you?

Almost 6% of you donate to us in memory of someone you love. Thank you.

5 – Would you be interested in donating your time to our organization?

We have had a great response from those willing to help and get involved personally. You’ve shown a great commitment when you’re willing to share your precious time with our organization. Thank you. Please keep an eye on an e-mail or a phone call from us.

6 – Would you be interested in funding a critical project in the next 12 months?

We were overwhelmed by the generosity and offers to help with financing our critical project. We were urgently seeking funding for switch kits. One of the tools children with cerebral palsy use to be mobile and independent is a Wizzybug (pictured below). These vehicles are absolutely incredible and really make a huge difference to many children. They help with mobility, independence and most importantly their confidence. A Wizzybug is ordinarily controlled by using a joystick, giving freedom to children whose legs are affected by their brain injury. However, many children with cerebral palsy also have limited strength and function in their upper limbs and wouldn’t be able to use a joystick effectively. These switches allow a child to control the vehicle with pressure from any limb (arms, legs and feet – even their head). They can also be adapted to work as a proximity sensor, so children only have to tilt their head towards the switch to control it, no pressure required. This is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Well, thanks to your generosity, we were able to upgrade these Wizzybugs and we are using them daily during therapy sessions. Thank you very much.

Wizzybug with switch kit
One of our younger clients riding a Wizzybug with switch kit.

7 – Once you have provided for your family and loved ones, would you consider remembering us with a gift in your Will?

Almost 8% of those who responded to this question are considering remembering Cerebral Palsy Alliance in their Will. Around 3% have already mentioned us in their Will and further 2% have asked for more information about how to leave a gift in their Will. This is a wonderful result, thank you very much. With your help, we’ll be able to keep providing the support to the families who need us most.

In your words…

Ms Goddard, SA:

“I like reading and donating for research.”


Jane, TAS:

“I think you’re doing a great job.”


Ms Surridge, VIC:

“I admire the work you do and I know how essential it is to children, adults or their parents.”


Ray, QLD:

“My primary reason for donating is to support these organisations whose primary focus is research into cures and improved treatments that can relieve suffering and improve the daily life of children and adults.”


Mrs Robertson, NSW:

“Hearing about the recent research results was fabulous.”


Mr Blair, NSW:

“You are all super individuals. The work you do is beyond measure. Thank you for being there!”